Q: How many ESB speech courses and qualifications are there and who can take them?

A: There are 13 grades of ESB (Solo) Speech, 3 levels of Group Speaking, 3 levels of Debating and 4 levels of Interview. ESB speech qualifications are mapped to the statutory requirements for Spoken Language in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the UK National Curriculum. They are normally taken by learners aged between 3 and 18 in the UK. However they are suitable for any age, depending on the learner’s English and academic abilities.

Q: How long does it take to complete a course and pass the assessment?

A: One ESB course normally takes 40 – 60 learning hours. This can be arranged over several months or, if a more intensive approach is preferred, a few weeks.

Q: Why is taking ESB courses and qualifications useful?

A: ESB speech courses and qualifications help learners to increase their confidence in public speaking, articulate ideas and become better communicators, skills which are highly valued by universities. Learners will also develop soft skills such as critical thinking, team-working and leadership. These transferable skills will benefit our learners in their school, university and social lives as well as their future careers.

Q: How can ESB speech qualifications help me with my university preparations?

A: Level 3 qualifications (Grades 6 & 8) attract ‘UCAS tariff points’, especially useful for those wishing to apply for admission to many universities not only in the UK but also elsewhere in the English speaking countries. For instance, an A grade at AS Level attracts 20 UCAS tariff points whilst ESB Grade 8 Distinction attracts 30 UCAS tariff points.

Q: How much does it cost to be assessed by ESB and gain an ESB qualification?

A: It costs between £20 to £100 (CNY 16 to 80) per assessment depending upon the level concerned (less cost for lower levels).

Q: Who will assess the learners? Where will it take place?

A: Learners will be assessed by ESB assessors from the UK and will take place at the ESB Registered Centre where the learners study their ESB course.

Q: How much does it cost to take an ESB course / qualification?

A: This depends upon the Centre where you are studying. Please consult your chosen Centre about fees.

Q: When was ESB established?

A: ESB was established in 1953.

Q: How many learners are assessed by ESB each year?

A: Over 56,000 learners were assessed by ESB in 2017. Most of them were assessed in the UK while some were in Italy and Greece.

Q: Who can deliver ESB courses and qualifications?

A: ESB courses and qualifications are very adaptable and may be delivered in a variety of different situations. They could be extra-curricular activities in or outside of school settings. They could also be part of the general school curriculum offer in English language and literature. However, before offering any ESB courses to your learners, your organisation must first apply to become an ESB Registered Centre.




问: ESB总共有几门演讲课程和资格证书?对报读和参加考试有什么要求?

答:ESB演讲资格证书分为:13个级别(个人)演讲,3个级别集体演讲,3个级别辩论和4个级别面试。ESB演讲资格证书都与英国教育体系三到十八岁相关阶段相衔接。学前课程是根据英国【早年教育基础阶段】(简称EYFS)大纲而设计;中小学大纲是根据【英国国家教育大纲】(National Curriculum)中对口语交流的法定要求而设计。虽然在英国,就读ESB课程和报考ESB的资格证书的通常是3至18岁的学生,其实ESB的课程和资格证书适合任何年龄的学生就读,取决于学生个人的英语和学术水平。




答:ESB演讲课程和资格证书能帮助学生提高自信地公共演讲的水平,有效的表达想法以及成为优秀的沟通家,这些都是大学非常重视的技能。而且提高学生的“软技能”,例如:批判思维, 合作以及领导能力。这些通用技能是他们在学校和大学生涯以及日后社交和未来事业中不可或缺的重要技能。